Burlesque Photo Shoot in Scotch Club

Burlesque Photo Shoot in Scotch Club

2011-11-17 22:11 | Comments: 1

Burlesque Model photo shoot, starring Anja Grundböck as the Photographer, and Vedi as the Receptionist.

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, here is my newest video, a burlesque photo shoot that was staged during a clubbing in Scotch Club for the amusement of the attending party folks ;)

The event was hosted by Elke Scola, former booker of Stellamodels, and photographer Anja Grundböck, who has recently founded her own model agency. Anja and I found out that we have the same native home town St. Pölten in common :)

Remaining question of today: Scotch or Whisky?

Burlesque Photo Shoot

Burlesque Photo Shoot in Scotch Club

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so playful and sensual... gimme more burlesque!

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