Best Archer on YouTube

Best Archer on YouTube

2022-12-06 11:08 | Comments: 0

I celebrate the best archery channel on yt with this cool crypto artwork. Artemis is a strong and beautiful goddess who loves to wander around the woods with her companions.

Artwork credit: tntdabomb

Artemis Female Archer Crypto Art

Artemis NFT by Californian crypto artist Tntdabomb/Cryptoisdope. 1/10 editions. Available on NFT Showroom.

Best Archer on YouTube

I recently discovered the cannel of Joerg Sprave, a badass German archer and slingshot expert and now also a merchant of archery products and his cool inventions.

Let me show you its features.

The trademark of Joerg is his hellish laugh, which is just super cool and awesome.

Joerg has taught me that archery is still a thing and that bows are even good self-defense weapons that are still legal in Austria and Germany to own :)

What's your favorite video by him?

Agave Thorns

Bow vs Police Riot Gear

Katana Mythbusting Extreme


Artemis Female Archer Crypto Art

Artemis is a protector of nature and wildlife, men who dares disrespect her will mostly likely be torn apart by her trusty hounds.

Proof Of Art


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