Valentine Window Shopping

Valentine Window Shopping

2011-02-14 15:45 | Comments: 3

Happy Valentine's Day to all my followers and friends!

Triumph Male Lingerie
Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Triumph Male Lingerie

Hi, almost every day of the year is dedicated to someone or something, but this one is special for everybody in love. If you are a couple, be happy, thankful and celebrate each other, otherwise write a posting like I do now ;)

I strolled through Mariahilfer Street and did some window shopping for Valentine gifts. Here is what I found:

Diesel Shop

No special Valentine decoration on Diesel, except a heart sticker with a "stupid" message.

Diesel Shop Window


Valentine In Love

Palmers Valentine Lingerie

Palmers Valentine Lingerie


A Sexy Valentines Day

intimissimi Valentine Lingerie

Triumph International

Valentine Male Lingerie

Triumph Male Lingerie


Mobile Phone Wristlets

Swarovski Mobile Phone Wristlets

Kris Bear Blowing Kisses

Swarovski Kris Bears

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This is why I call Valentines Day "Lingerie Day".

And I can't believe Diesel really use the word "powderful". Who is running their marketing campaign?

@CoutureMePink: Oh, I did not spot the misspelling in the first place, how stupid of me ;) the message on the heart is even more stupid, it reads "Love is great and fantastic ... But gifts last so much longer! Happy Valentine's Day".

Thank you so much Viki, I hope you had the best Valentines day.

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