The Fetish Bunny

The Fetish Bunny

2012-10-24 20:08 | Comments: 2

This erotic bunny in black is actually a cool money saving box you can put on your desk, perhaps storing your savings for your next catsuit or bunny suit. Interior design item by KARE.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Black fetish bunny in rubber by KARE

Hi, I have stumbled upon this cool fetish bunny design piece while I was going shopping with Xena and immediately fell in love with the cute design.

The large fetish bunny wears a sexy black latex catsuit, err bunny suit, which leaves the bunny bum bare.

Besides looking cute the bunny has also a function and acts as a cool money saving box and has a small hole on the back where you can slip the money through. The Fetish Bunny is also available in smaller versions and different colors at interior design store KARE.

KARE Fetish Bunny: Bunny bum view

KARE Fetish Bunny with price tag

KARE Fetish Bunny Ears

Photo by Xena

KARE Fetish Bunny and me

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♥♥♥ sweet ♥♥♥ and a bit expensive ;P

Anyway love it >>>

@Xena: *LOL* ♥

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