Schönbrunnerbad: A Day At The Swimming Pool

Schönbrunnerbad: A Day At The Swimming Pool

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Together with male model Robert in Schönbrunnerbad, a privately operated swimming pool in the palace garden of Schönbrunn.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Schönbrunnerbad: Male Model Robert in Baywatch Trunks

Male model Robert on the sun terrace ;)

Hi, I am really enjoying the tropical weather we had the last couple of weeks here :P You know, I easily freeze and usually have to wear two pairs of socks, but at a temperature of over 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) I feel like I am on a summer vacation in Vienna :) and I can even go outside in short pants and sandals :P

The sunny weather is also ideal for spending a day at the pool. I have already heard a lot about Schönbrunnerbad, a privately operated swimming pool in Schönbrunn, which I recently checked out for the first time.

I discovered Schönbrunnerbad while I was doing my regular workouts in the palace garden of Schönbrunn a year ago and now I finally was there with Robert, a good friend and male model ;) who also enjoys going sun bathing or sun worshipping as we call it :P

And because Robert is always eager for a photo shoot ;) he inspired me to do some Baywatch-like snapshots and a blog story of Schönbrunnerbad, which he says is actually a runway for models since you can see so many good-looking girls and boys in sexy swimwear there ;)

Schönbrunnerbad: Sun Bathing

Characteristic for Schönbrunnerbad is its beautiful and quiet location on the very east side of the imperial park. The entrance is at Grünbergerstraße/Hohenbergstraße, at the height of Gloriette.

Schönbrunnerbad: Main Pool

If you go up the stairs, you get to the sun terrace and the backyard of the swimming pool.

Schönbrunnerbad: Staircases

There is one larger and one smaller pool, but I usually do not go in the pool (same as Robert ;) because we do not like the chlorinated water and prefer to worship the sun instead ;)

Schönbrunnerbad: Sun Bathing

The big arc is very prominent and also characteristic for Schönbrunnerbad. There is also a fitness and spa center, where you can get a massage :)

Schönbrunnerbad: Arc

Schönbrunnerbad: Arc

A small warning sign kindly informs us that the sun terrace is not a nude bathing area ;)

Schönbrunnerbad: Nude Bathing Warning Sign

The flag of the swimming pool on the sun terrace.

Schönbrunnerbad: Flag and Sun Terrace

On the backside of the swimming pool is a small beach volleyball court.

Schönbrunnerbad: Beach Volleyball Court

While Robert was desperately waiting in the café for his toast (we almost waited an hour because the service was unable to cope with so many guests on that day and also forgot the order), we were looking at and commenting on models we spotted :P

Schönbrunnerbad: Bottom in Swimsuit

The wooden wall in front of the locker rooms.

Schönbrunnerbad: Wooden Wall

Baywatch shoot of Robert in red swimming trunks ;)

Schönbrunnerbad: Male Model Robert in Baywatch Trunks

Another Baywatch pose ...

Schönbrunnerbad: Male Model Robert in Baywatch Trunks

And here a Steve Reeves inspired bodybuilding pose on the sun terrace ;)

Schönbrunnerbad: Male Model Robert In Bodybuilding Pose

The starting blocks at the border of the pool.

Schönbrunnerbad: Starting blocks at the pool

Look into the sky :)

Schönbrunnerbad: Look into the sky

This was our day at Schönbrunnerbad :) Have you been there already? Do you like going swimming or sun bathing?

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very nice :P I guess this pool is owned by a horseriding pupil from me ;)

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