Red Carpet Interview In Nova TV

Red Carpet Interview In Nova TV

2010-09-06 23:37 | Comments: 2

If fashion designers demand taller and thinner models, then androgyny is the consequence of this demand.

Video credit: Nova TV

Nova TV Red Carpet Show

Hi, I gave a short interview for the Croatian TV channel Nova TV in its society, showbiz and fashion format Red Carpet ;) The interview was part of a longer reportage (starts at 34:40) about Mario Soldo and the second fashion:mob or fashion circus, as I call it, a large costumes and performance show, which took place last Friday in the Generali Center.

In the interview (at 40:30) I was asked about androgyny and I wanted to say that I am also lucky with my genes and can eat a bar of chocolate every day :)

Mario Soldo is born in a small town in Croatia, founder of the mother agency and one of the first drag queens of Vienna. Also in this video among others Angel Transformation and Irene Mayer :)

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Great work darling! xxx

Thanks, Bhakti xxxxx

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