Mr & Mrs Jacobs

Mr & Mrs Jacobs

2010-11-22 15:33 | Comments: 4

They nicely achieved the sexy-but-not slutty look — The Cut

Marc Jacobs on the cover of the Industrie Magazine
Photo by Patrick Demarchelier
| Style by Katie Grand (Louis Vuitton)

Mrs Jacobs on the cover of Industrie Magazine

Hi, the Austrian fashion blogs Tschilp and Blica challenged each other to comment on Marc Jacobs provocative cover picture, found on the current issue of the Industrie Magazine.

Actually, I find it pretty much rare that a man is displayed on the cover of a fashion magazine, and even less in a "feminine" outfit. In some Austrian newspaper shops they even place fashion magazines under the category Women's magazines, which I find quite funny, because fashion can be quite intriguing for men too and they even offer some insights for understanding women better ;)

I find the new Mrs Jacobs cover picture a very welcome change to the otherwise so uniform fashion magazine landscape, and of course I admire Marc Jacobs both as a fashion designer and for his latest photographic work, which I can also take as an inspiration for myself ;)

Photos as these are not only aesthetically pleasing but as I interpret Anne from Blica are also useful for challenging and reflecting our own clichés. I would be happy if I could achieve that with my pictures someday as well.

Marc Jacobs on the BANG Fragrance For Men campaign
Photo by Juergen Teller

Marc Jacobs BANG Fragrance For Men

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I lvoe the cover of that magazine. Jacobs is more sexy than ever. by the way I find really interesting also his adv for his parfume. SO chic and that position...amazing!!! It looks really like a "Bang"!!! :)

p.s.: great blog!!

@edoardo: Thanks, I also find the camparison between the two pictures very interesting. Also like the rocky design of the perfume bottle ;)

I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs because of the bold statements he makes! He is amazing and I do love the cover Industrie! It just proves how much he does understands women.

I think it is a wonderful experience to swap clothes at least once, and if you are a fashion designer for the opposite sex, its almost a must in my opinion, in order to understand your product and customers better.

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