Looking forward to Vienna Fashion Week 2015

Looking forward to Vienna Fashion Week 2015

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In a fashionable mission: Bond girl Tonia Sotiropoulou is the iconic face of this year's Vienna Fashion Week campaign. Check out the whole fashion show schedule and other highlights in this post.

Photo credit: Norbert Kniat

Bond girl Tonia Sotiropoulou posing for the Vienna Fashion Week 15 campaign. Photographed by Norbert Kniat.

Greek actress Tonia Sotiropoulou, known for her roles in Skyfall, Hercules and Berberian Sound Studio, posing for the Vienna Fashion Week 15 campaign. Photographed by Norbert Kniat and dressed by Austrian label JCHOERL.

Hi, soon it's showtime again in Vienna as the fashion tent in front of Museumsquartier is opening for the seventh time. Based on my experience from previous years I would recommend to book tickets in advance and to come early enough in order to escape the long waiting queues before the main shows ;)

Looking at the schedule, you will notice the fashion week is opened by the upcoming fashion brand Marina Hoermanseder, but other brands such as Tiberius or Elfenkleid are not particiapting this year. I don't know why, maybe the effort is too much or they just did not make it this year.

MQVFW15 Fashion Shows

Monday, Sept 7th

20:30 Marina Hoermanseder Opening Show (VIP Only)

Tuesday, Sept 8th

17:00 Alwa Petroni | Whatever Eye
18:00 Kauffeld & Jahn Couture
19:00 Rozbora Couture
20:00 Artista
| Pitour Presented by Little Miracles
21:00 Musette

Wednesday, Sept 9th

17:00 He Brands | The Showroom Show (Invitation Only)
18:00 Concepto
| Corina Vladescu
19:00 Mark Baigent
| Ylva Presented by Gillette
20:00 Irina Vitjaz
21:00 Buffet Clothing
| We Are Not Sisters
22:00 R! by Dominique Raffa
| Karlla Girotto (*)

Thursday, Sept 10th

16:00 Dörte Kaufmann | Neon Cherie
17:00 Fulani
| Karl Michael
18:00 Andrea Tincu
19:00 Maiken K
| Natalie Rox & Guy Debast | Simon Barth Presented by Runway
20:00 Callisti
21:00 Paul Direk
| Q Design And Play | The Urban Apparel | Iconic Presented by Ditp

Friday, Sept 11th

14:00 Toni Tissoni
15:00 Verdandy
16:00 Irina Schrotter
17:00 Shakkei
18:00 Lothar Daniel Bechtold
19:00 Kayiko
20:00 Jchoerl Presented by Mercedes-Benz
21:00 Blogger's Choice
22:00 Manufaktur Herzblut

Saturday, Sept 12th

12:00 Modeschule Herbststrasse
14:00 Studio Gampe Berlin
15:00 Prototype.Schumacher
16:00 Claustyler
17:00 Juan Carlos Gordillo
18:00 Trueyou
19:00 Lila
| Roee | Milk
20:00 Anelia Peschev
21:00 And_I & Nora Rieser
21:45 Homme Less Film Premiere

Sunday, Sept 13th

13:00 Modeschule Michelbeuern
14:00 Mara Gibbucci
15:00 Jc Jana Cipan
| Veni Creatrix
16:00 Smaranda Almasan
17:00 Sabine Karner
18:00 Franziska Michael
| Marc Stone
19:00 Bipone
20:00 SO LCH LD
| Zoë by Inge Cecka | Laskari & by Sergej
21:00 Urban Fashion Night by Mario Soldo (*)

(*) free admission

Film Premiere Homme Less

Photo credit: Filmhaus Films and Schatzi Productions

Homme Less documentary film poster

Austrian-American documentary. It is the story of the model Mark Reay who lives a secret double life between glamor and gutter for years. During the day the celebrity model works for well-known brands, has guest appearances on TV series, but at night he is forced to sleep homeless on the roofs of New York City.

Watch the trailer: Homme Less – Meet Mark Reay

Fashion Sneak Peek by MILK

Photo credit: Mato Johannik | Studiomato

Urban warrior fashion by MILK

Urban Warrior collection by MILK

Urban warrior fashion by MILK

The motto of the designer Nicole Komitov behind MILK is simply dramatical, dramatically simple.

Fashion Sneak Peek by Prototype.Schumacher

Photo credit: PROTOTYPE.Schumacher

Mythical Creatures fashion by PROTOTYPE.Schumacher

Mythical Creatures collection by PROTOTYPE.Schumacher

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