Links à la Mode: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Links à la Mode: Fifty Shades Of Grey

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The Submissive will obey any instructions given by the Dominant immediately without hesitation or reservation and in an expeditious manner. — Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James

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Book Cover: Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James

Hi, I had a super exciting and super busy week, including a date :) and going out in my favorite school uniform :P last night.

Today, I spent the whole afternoon in the palace garden of Schönbrunn, reading the book Fifty Shades Of Grey, which was featured in this week's Links à la Mode by Beautifully Invisible.

Fifty Shades Of Red Grey is the first part of the spanking new erotic bestselling trilogy Fifty Shades written by British author E. L. James (Erika Leonard James).

I managed to read the first three chapters and skimmed through the rest of the 514 pages long book in order to get a first-hand experience of this seductive first-person love story of innocent Anastasia Steele, a literature student from WSU in Vancouver, Washington.

The story sets off with Anastasia being pushed by her roommate Katherine, who suffers from a flu, to drive instead of her to Seattle for a highly anticipated interview with successful entrepreneur and billionaire Christian Grey for their student newspaper.

Arriving at Grey Enterprises, Anastasia is both deeply attracted and highly intimidated by the dominant appearance of the young CEO and über male, Grey. Soon and unbelievable to Ana, she finds herself in a passionate love affair of submission and dominance with Grey and is gradually introduced to his dark secrets and his hidden Red Room Of Pain.

Wanting to take full control over Ana, Grey requires her to sign a special contract (that is also part of the book in Chapter 11 and one of its highlights), where her status as his slave is defined.

5.18 The Submissive shall accept without questions any and all disciplinary actions deemed necessary by the Dominant and remember her / his status and role in regard to the Dominant at all times.

The erotic story unfolds relatively slowly and features a lot of delightful conversations also in form of printed emails.

I see Fifty Shades Of Gray as an accessible introduction course to BDSM, which includes relatively mild, and consensual spanking, bondage and lots of sex scenes. Do not put every detail under scrutiny though. The story is partly quite unrealistic and obviously fictional, regarding Ana's and Grey's luck, the sex scenes, the easiness of orgasms and the endurance of pain for example.

The bottom line is, the book is easy to read and entertaining. I especially enjoyed the refreshing female perspective and the subtext of the conversations, which open a lot of room for more kinky fantasies around the main story line.

Bonus, Beautifully Invisible has put together a sexy Fifty Shades inspired jewelry collection, for "your inner goddess" (a phrase that appears quite often in the book btw).

Have you read the book? How do you like it?

The sequels of Fifty Shades Of Grey are entitled Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Here are the grey book covers :)

Fifty Shades Darker

Book Cover: Fifty Shades Darker by E L James

Fifty Shades Freed

Book Cover: Fifty Shades Freed by E L James

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Thanks dear Viki for the great review! Seems for the ones who appreciate you very much, it is a must to read this book ;P

Kiss & *slap*


Thanks Xena :P I can really recommend it, because it is so explanatory and inspiring. Would also be interesting whether the second part is really Darker ;)

Is it available in German too? And where?

I bought the English version at the Thalia store on Mariahilferstr, but the book will also be released in German soon:

klingt ja nach nem echt coolio buch!! werde ich mir definitiv ansehen!

I have got to make myself read that book sometime. I have heard so much about it. But lately all I've been doing is spending time blogging and promoting. A bloggers work is never done!!!

wow never came across this book, shall search for it!

Great blog, there are plenty of blogs out there that are rushed but yours is full of good quality information and is very informative. I love the colors too, very vibrant. Congratulations on a great job, i'll be back to visit regularly.

I love this book! And you're blog is really awesome!

/ Linn

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