Links à la Mode: Advertising Lies

Links à la Mode: Advertising Lies

2011-10-07 18:20 | Comments: 1

There are tons of products out there which promise to magically tone your body, but if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Latest example: Reebok's EasyTone shoes.

Illustration by Susa

Susa Illustration Lady Shape

Hi, advertising is known for exaggerating and building false expectations and desires.

In this weekly Links round-up cosmolawlitan reports on the newest case of overdoing ads, where Reebok is attributing beautifully trained legs and exceptionally shapely butts to the power of their toning shoes, with ads like this:

Video credit: Reebok Ad

Because – surprise, surprise – the shoes alone do not have the desired effect on consumers' derrières as promised in the video (the toning effect of the sneakers with the curvy sole has not been scientifically proven yet), Reebok agreed now to pay $25 million dollars in customer refunds to settle false advertising allegations by the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Well done, FTC!

The above illustration is from Susu's post Lady Shapes on body images and eating disorders. Thanks for sharing :)

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I'm totally with the FTC. There are way to many lies in advertising, mainly about beauty, health and fitness. I also think a lot of cosmetic products, especially anti-age stuff is completely untruthful. I wrote about this here:

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