I am now a Fashion Trendsetter ;)

I am now a Fashion Trendsetter ;)

2011-01-21 13:16 | Comments: 4

Miss Viki reviewed by fashiontrendsetter.de

Fashion Trendsetter

Hi, my blog got reviewed by Fashion Trendsetter, a German fashion blog reviewing German fashion blogs ;)

I am glad they chose me despite the fact that I write in English. Simply enjoy writing in English and it also creates a certain distance when writing about personal or "difficult" topics.

Thanks Nina for reviewing me, and I really appreciate the effort you put into the whole project connecting bloggers. Thumbs up!

Liebe Grüße aus Wien (Kind Regards from Vienna),

xx Viki

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Congrats Viki!!!!! Wonderful! :)

@Federica: hey, thanks! this was such an exciting week blogging for me :)

@Nathalia: ♥ Thanks and welcome to my blog!

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