House Of The Very Island

House Of The Very Island

2011-02-08 16:46 | Comments: 0

The coolest fashion show of the 10 festival has the longest name and brings male models on stage, but the question is, did you see it?

DJ Edgar Retro In The House Of The Very Island ...
Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, the House Of The Very Island is Austrian's fashion label with the longest name, I need a whole paragraph to cite it, enjoy:

house of the very island’s royal club division middlesex klassenkampf, but the question is: where are u, now?

Wow, can you top that? Note: "Klassenkampf" in German means "class struggle" and the name of the label even ends with a question mark!

The entire show, we saw at the AFA 2010 gala, was amazingly cool, funny and energetic. Its fashion relaxed, crazy, and comfortable, suitable for all genders, which the label successfully emphasized by letting both female and male models present their "go wild" collection :)

Judging by the response of the overly female audience I believe showing more male models is the way to go, and the House Of The Very Island definitely made sure that everybody was in the right mood :)

AW 10/11 go wild in the country house

Photo credit: Christopher Klettermayer for the House Of The ...

The House Of The Very Island's AW 10/11

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