Happy Birthday, Miss Viki!

Happy Birthday, Miss Viki!

2010-07-23 13:10 | Comments: 2

Zotter chocolate from Riegersburg, Austria

Zotter Happy Birthday Schokolade

Hi, time is passing by so quickly. It is already one year ago that I launched this Web site and my journey as an art model. Time to look back and forward.

I tried to be a girl and found my love for fashion and art, but also realized that I am still a man, loving women. Everybody is different, but we have also more in common than we might think.

I started from zero, being a computer nerd with glasses, and proved at least to myself that I can be a fashion model :) But coming to here was not easy, it was a lot of hard work and sometimes it was like running the gauntlet (Oops, remember rule 2: be optimistic and fair, but it's true. Still searching for the meaning of life, for love, wondering how to make a living out of it).

I did a lot of photo shoots, fashion shows and even started to make my own fashion videos, but the most important thing for me is that I have learned so much in the past year from you, my peer bloggers, my photographers, choreographers, managers, designers, stylists and models I have worked with. Merci beaucoup to you all and everybody who is supporting me!

What's next? There is still so much to do in the fashion, model, blogging and video front, I would love to explore. So stay tuned and let me surprise you.

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conratulations! here's to many more years! :-)

@michi: Thanks! Live long and prosper! (Spock in Star Trek)

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