Halloween Corset Piercing

2016-10-31 23:15 | Comments: 0

Want to see something strange? The corset piercing performance from 666 Hell-O-Wien :P Strangely beautiful.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Halloween Corset Piercing @ 666 Hell-O-Wien

Corset Piercing Performance @ 666 Hell-O-Wien

Hi, it's winter time again, the days are getting shorter and we are celebrating Halloween, the natural and inevitable change of the seasons. This time I dug something cool up again from 666 Hell-O-Wien. The corset piercing performance. A corset piercing is a two rows back piercing that looks like a corset laced up the body skin. It's booth a bit creepy and beautiful :P Happy Halloween!

Halloween Corset Piercing @ 666 Hell-O-Wien

Halloween Corset Piercing @ 666 Hell-O-Wien

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