Evil Geisha: Obsessed with CrypotArt?

Evil Geisha: Obsessed with CrypotArt?

2021-06-07 13:21 | Comments: 0

The terrible curse that took possession of the geisha. 3 reasons to collect CryptoArt online.

Artwork credit: Lizano

Evil Geisha Crypto Art by Lizano

What is CryptoArt?

CryptoArt/NFTs are a revolutionary new way to buy and sell digital art online in limited editions with the power of blockchain technology.

3 Reasons why you might collect CryptoArt

#1 Collecting CryptoArt is fun

Humans are hunters and gatherers and both instincts apply to CryptoArt as well. As a collector you need to constantly monitor the CryptoArt space and strike at the right moment, before other hunters sneak away that unique piece of art. Collecting tokens is fun.

#2 Supporting the artist

Another motivation to collect CryptoArt, which is also very true for the traditional art space, is to buy art from artists you like to support. Due to the limited nature of NFTs, collecting art creates a special bond between the artist and the collector.

#3 Obtaining a usage license

Finally, one very important aspect of buying NFTs is to obtain a commercial usage license with the artwork for your marketing and design needs. In the future NFTs will come with different levels of commercial usage rights attached to the NFT that will finally make CryptoArt really useful. NFT Showroom already supports two types of usage licenses.

Evil Geisha

Evil Geisha Crypto Art by Lizano

Super rare Evil Geisha NFT (1/1 edition) with commercial usage rights by portrait and graphic designer Lizano (lizz_arty).

Proof Of Art



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