Demon Soul: Transition from Light to Darkness #CryptoArt

Demon Soul: Transition from Light to Darkness #CryptoArt

2020-10-17 18:05 | Comments: 0

In the end, when the light is fading in every inch of our skin and we are left without any indication of who we really were. It is when we will begin to make our magnificent transition from light to darkness ...

Artwork credit: oscurocactus

Demon Soul CryptoArt by oscurocactus

I bought this cool unique piece of #CryptoArt from J. Chavez aka @oscurocactus, which means that there exists only one edition of this unique piece of dark art, it's one of a kind or a one of one (1 of 1).

What is CryptoArt?

CryptoArt/NFTs are a revolutionary new way to buy and sell digital art in limited editions with the power of blockchain technology.

Why is CryptoArt rare?

Because there exists only a predefined number of tokens, each representing one edition, when the CryptoArt/NFT is created.

Transition from a Demon Soul

Demon Soul CryptoArt by oscurocactus

Life is always a transistion, from young to old, from poor to rich, from healthy to sick, from light to dark — or vice versa.

Proof Of Art

oscurocactus' Gallery

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