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Captain Jack Sparrow

2012-09-13 17:24 | Comments: 3

My fearless and beardless interpretation of Captain Jack Sparrow :P At the Gothic party "Schwarzer Reigen" in front of Neugebäude Palace. Costume by Xena ♥ Aye, Aye!

Photo credit: Xena Live | Viki Secrets

Captain Jack Sparrow @ Schwarzer Reigen

The Rubber Maid

2012-04-30 20:04 | Comments: 2

Show pics from the first Rubber & Ambrosia party at Residenz Zögernitz, where I was playing the Rubber Maid in RubbErik's Latex Fashion Show :P Choreography by Steffi :)

Photo credit: Hitchy

The Rubber Maid | Rubber & Ambrosia Latex Show @ Residenz Zögernitz


2012-01-30 18:55 | Comments: 2

An album from Hell: Meet my lovely zombie gang, shot while getting ready for the most vicious, zombie-packed Halloween party in Vienna aka 666 Hell-O-Wien.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Hell-O-Wien Halloween Party Outfit The Crow by Viktor | Jacket by MYSTIQ

Self Portraits

2011-10-11 14:26 | Comments: 0

Hi, I played a bit with my camera and tripod on the weekend ...

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

Self Portrait Viktor in Esprit Shirt

The Wedding Fair

2011-07-14 22:12 | Comments: 1

I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.

Photo credit: Katalin Papp

The Wedding Fair @ Arena Nova | Fashion by Wilvorst, Gosch, Masterhand, Hilde & Hilde and Michelle Whitfield | Fashion Show by Monika Moore

A Blaze Of Color

2011-04-01 11:18 | Comments: 2

Fashion & Hair Styling by Keti Berisha | Art Of Hair. Make-up by Kismairy Lerebours. Assistant Peter Hickersberger. Models Viki, Melanie Fischer and Verena-Katrien Gamlich (Jademodels).

Photo credit: Andy Pumpa a2p2

A Blaze Of Color | Photo by Andy Pumpa a2p2 | Fashion & Hair Styling by Keti Berisha (Art Of Hair) | Make-up by Kismairy Lerebours | Assistant Peter Hickersberger | Model Viki

Post-Industrial Times

2011-02-17 18:45 | Comments: 2

Fashion by Benetton, Sisley (suit), Jimmy Choo, and Hugo Boss (heels). Are you ready for the post-industrial androgynous revolution?

Photo credit: artModellFoto

Post-Industrial Times | Photo by artModellFoto | Fashion by Sisley (suit)

Eyewear Portraits

2011-01-10 14:06 | Comments: 1

Photographed at the Catwalk & More model workshop :)

Photo credit: Helmut Harringer | Speedlight

Eyewear Portraits | Sunglasses

On The Rooftop

2010-11-25 13:46 | Comments: 0

Fashion by Angel Transformation. Assistant Erika Dellert-Vambe. Hair and Make-up by Verena Rabl.

Photo credit: Elsa Okazaki

On The Rooftop | Photo by Elsa Okazaki | Fashion by Angel Transformation | Assistant Erika Dellert-Vambe | Hair and Make-up by Verena Rabl

Edward Any One

2010-10-18 17:02 | Comments: 1

Fashion by Gestuz (shirt), La Hong (trousers), Alexander McQueen (cardigan). Shoes by Jimmy Choo. Hair and Make-up by Ruzica Jerkovic.

Photo credit: Thomas Gleiszner

Edward Any One | A homage to Tim Burton's masterpiece Edward Scissorhands | Fashion by Gestuz (shirt), La Hong (trousers), Alexander McQueen (cardigan) | Shoes by Jimmy Choo | Hair and Make-up by Ruzica Jerkovic