The Vienna Fashion Observatory

The Vienna Fashion Observatory

2009-08-12 13:27 | Comments: 2

The Vienna Fashion Observatory, Miss Viki Business Look

Hi, I was photographed by Michaela Amort, an Austrian fashion blogger, for the Vienna Fashion Observatory project :-) The picture was taken yesterday at the main entrance of the mighty T-Center, a ship-like building made of pure concrete.

The fashion project tries to observe and depict what the people of Vienna are wearing on the street. Take a look at their photo blog and be amazed how fashionable Vienna is actually ;-)

The photographs are also presented at an exhibition in the MQ (Museumsquartier) till 20th September 2009.

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I lololove everything you represent! Keep on doing so, so many people aren`t encouraged enough to live like they would like to live (and so they complain about those who are, they envy you baby ;-))

Take care Miss Viki

Hi Ina, thanks for your encouraging comment. I am tired of stereotypes too: you have to dress/behave/be like that, because you are a man/woman (or replace it with whatever you want), blablabla. What is important is to be yourself and follow your inner feelings.

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