Vienna Street Art:
Beware of being hooked

2011-02-01 16:43 | Comments: 0

Somewhere in Vienna ...

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

wall with hook and handcuff graffiti

Hi, maybe you have already noticed the many hooks on the front-facing house walls in Vienna?

Actually, they are meant to hook red warning bars to them in winter, warning the pedestrians about falling snow and ice from the roofs, but are rarely used, because we do not have a lot of snow in Vienna. In fact, those bars are pretty useless and obstruct the sidewalk more than they help.

Now I came across this old monastery wall with a hook, that has been embellished nicely with a handcuff graffiti.

Beware of being hooked!

wall with hook and handcuff graffiti

wall with hook and handcuff graffiti

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