New Blog Name and Domain

New Blog Name and Domain

2012-01-09 17:52 | Comments: 0

Important announcement: Miss Viki becomes MISS VIKI SECRETS. Now reachable at Read more about Miss Viki's relaunch.


Hi, fashion agent Viktor here with an important announcement:

Miss Viki is now MISS VIKI SECRETS :)

And my new domain is :)

Reason is that I have somewhat outgrown my old name and felt the need to change something (and, I wanted to go for a dot com domain). I initially came up with Miss Viki for my "femulating" alter ego and for presenting my first Male Art Model pictures.

Changing the name was one of the toughest decisions I have made so far regarding my blog.

It took me several weeks to find the right name, and I almost gave up several times in the process.

I am really glad to have found MISS VIKI SECRETS and a free .com domain, which is extremely hard and/or very costly nowadays. First because .com is a global name space and secondly you cannot imagine how many names are already taken (and grabbed) on the Internet.

Thanks to all my dear friends who supported me, finding the new name, and encouraged me to keep Miss Viki, which I still love. It will hopefully be a smooth transistion and I also plan to keep my Facebook page and YouTube channel as is, and set up a new Twitter.

More exciting secrets coming soon on Miss Viki Secrets.

xx Viki

ps. Please update the RSS feed to the new address if you are subscribed to me. Thanks!

pps. I have also written a new About page, where I clearly state my concept and mission for the first time.

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