make-up institute mist Stockholm Austria

make-up institute mist Stockholm Austria

2011-06-22 17:50 | Comments: 0

Professional make-up institute from Stockholm opens first franchise store in Vienna, Austria.

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

make-up institute mist Stockholm Austria Vienna

Hi, a new make-up shop opened nearby, and since I walk past it almost every day, I decided to follow the blogger invitation.

mist Stockholm Austria is a small and lovely decorated shop for professional make-up artists and discerning customers, who want to choose from a wide variety of high-pigmented make-up products, with more than 274 eye shadow colors, false eyelashes, brushes, accessories, and more. All products are cruelty free and not tested on animals by the way.

The first franchise in Austria is founded by Stefanie Lichtenberger and Marion Speckner. Establishing the Swedish brand here will not be easy though, because "mist" in German has a negative connotation (bullshit, trash, garbage). I therefore strongly suggest to rebrand mist Stockholm for the German market. How about "miss Stockholm" or something like that?

mist make-up products

Photo credit: Ursula Schmitz | mist Stockholm

Eyelash Curler

mist Stockholm eyelash curler

Eyeshadow Vibration Surprise

mist Stockholm eyeshadow vibration surprise

Zebra make-up box

mist Stockholm zebra makeup box

mist Stockholm Austria, Vienna

Photo credit: Viki Secrets

co-founder Marion Speckner

mist Stockholm Austria Marion Spckner

window shopper

mist Stockholm Austria windows shopper

mist Stockholm Austria
Kaiserstr. 8
A-1070 Vienna

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