Links à la Mode: The Joy Of Toile

Links à la Mode: The Joy Of Toile

2012-03-02 17:23 | Comments: 1

Discover the joy of Toile fabrics. These lovely fine prints can be found on wallcoverings, home decor, accessories and also in fashion design.

Photo credit: York Wallcoverings

Toile Wallpaper Wallcovering

Hi, vintage fans will love Toile :)

I have learned about these beautiful, fine printed garments in this week's Links à la Mode, via a lovely blog post by the Sparkle in her eye.

Pronounced ['twäl], the term is an abbreviated form of the phrase "Toile de Jouy" which means "cloth from Jouy-en-Josas", a town in north-central France.

So this is where the fine patterns originally got popular and they are now used in many places, from home decor to fashion design.

Toile in Fashion Design

You can find a lot of Toile vintage fashion on Etsy, a Web shop platform, where users can sell their lovely, mostly hand-made pieces, such as these.

Toile Dress

Photo credit: Three Little Ducks

Toile Dress

Toile Bathing Suit

Photo credit: Fables by Barrie

Toile Bathing Suit (bathsuit)

Also check out what my fellow bloggers were up to last week:

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Links a la Mode Week 9 2012

Edited By Taylor Davies

Here we are, the first day of March – can you believe it? Spring will officially start this month, flowers will start to bloom (we hope!) and winter will finally start to let us out of it’s icy grip. This week’s Links a la Mode selections run the gamut from fashion week round ups to DIY projects and runway color inspirations.

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The IFB Weekly Roundup – March 1st 2012

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Ich bin totaler Toile Fan wenn es um Tapeten oder Dekosachen wie Pölster, Geschirr etc geht ;)

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