LET'S GO INSANE at Clubschiff Wien

2010-03-09 15:11 | Comments: 0

Photo credit: Pushing Pixels

Fashion Show LET'S GO INSANE

Hi, there are several anchored party ships on the Danube Canal in Vienna. In one of them, the Clubschiff Johann Strauss, I performed in a fashion show by MJK last Saturday.

LET'S GO INSANE meant for me playing a male bodyguard and agent, escorting the female models on stage. This was MJK's cool idea :) I hope you like my masculine side too.

Another phenomenon I noticed is that the actual performance feels to run much faster than the rehearsal. I guess it must be the excitement ;-)

Fashion by G-STAR RAW (jacket) & Sisley (shirt) | Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Fashion Show LET'S GO INSANE

Fashion Show LET'S GO INSANE

Models: Tatjana Magdalena, Viki and Genia Sophie

Fashion Show LET'S GO INSANE

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