For The International Community

For The International Community

2010-05-05 17:08 | Comments: 0

Photo credit: Viki Secrets
Keti Berisha, Art Of Hair

Jetlag Business Lounge Keti Berisha

Hi, there are two types of jetlags. One that is caused by a rapid change of the time zone for instance after a long distance flight, the other – probably even more familiar – by going to bed too late or by getting up too early due to work or other important circumstances.

If you are suffering from either kind of jetlag, you may find JETLAG INTERNATIONAL interesting, four kinds of events for the international community in Vienna.

Yesterday, I went to the monthly JETLAG BUSINESS LOUNGE in the Steigenberger Herrenhof hotel in order to chill out from my recent jetlag (trip to Linz and back to Vienna in one night).

The networking event featured two fashion shows, a magician, live hair styling and manicuring, which was organized in cooperation with Dominik Wachta (Topmodel TV).

Cars meet fashion
Bentley in front of the hotel lobby


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