AZUBIS 01 Fashion Show In Wittgenstein House

AZUBIS 01 Fashion Show In Wittgenstein House

2010-07-19 22:42 | Comments: 0

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, the noun "Azubi" (plural Azubis) is quite an interesting colloquial word in German. First, it is an abbreviation for "Auszubildende(r)", which can be translated as "apprentice" in English. Secondly, the verb form itself is interesting, because it is derived from the transitive verb "jemanden ausbilden" (to teach someone) and is used as a noun with a passive meaning. So a more literal translation for "Azubi" is "someone who has to be taught and trained".

Now, the Azubis (bachelor students from the University for Art and Industrial Designs Linz / Vienna Fashion School Hetzendorf) showed what they have learned in the AZUBIS 01 fashion show and exhibition in the Wittgenstein house, the Bulgarian institute of culture in Vienna.

But unlike other students' fashion shows, where the students basically showcase their own fashion collection, the presented looks were not done by themselves, but were created out of individual students' pieces by Samuel Drira und Sybille Walter from encens Magazine, Paris.

The two stylists came on the invitation of the head of studies Wally Salner and Johannes Schweiger (fabrics interseason) to Vienna and delivered a strong fashion show of uniformly good looking outfits.

Now the fact, that the students were not (fully) responsible for the presented looks is controversial (see articles below) but it is not necessarily a bad idea in my opinion as long as they have enough other possibilities during their studies to express their whole individuality, which I am sure they can and will.

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