Artwork by Lena Ker

Artwork by Lena Ker

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I liked to draw more than to sew and said goodbye to the dream to be a designer. — Chat with Lena Ker, a Russian art illustrator, history student, and fashion lover.

Black and white drawings by Lena Ker

Artwork by Lena Ker

Hi Lena, please introduce yourself briefly!

I'm an illustrator, I am a beginner, 23 years old and I'm from Russia.

When did you start drawing and how have you perfected your skills?

I always drew, from early childhood (as all children do) but I think I've always been drawing "fashion": girls, clothing, shoes, hats. In school and university, I've always made sketches in my notebooks. I exercised that way. And over time, the drawings got better and better.

Then, I wanted to enter the Academy of Art. I tried to draw more
professionally, studied the special literature, painted portraits, and landscape. My grandfather, who is an art teacher, helped me. But finally I changed my mind. I decided to enroll in another university, and chose the Faculty of History. I did not regret it.

At the same time I finished a special course and worked as a stylist, then costume designer, but I didn't work for oneself, but for other people, ... and eventually I decided to try myself as an illustrator.

The direct relationship to fashion and fashion icons is still evident in your illustrations. What happened to your dream becoming a fashion designer?

As I said, I love fashion since early childhood, and of course I decided that I would be a fashion designer! :) I drew sketches of clothes, studied fashion magazines, ... but unfortunately, I liked to draw more than to sew. I don't like sewing, to this day ;) I said goodbye to the dream to be a designer.

Where do you find inspiration for your artwork?

The main inspiration for me is beauty: beautiful people, beautiful
photos and images, and of course, fashion, ballet, retro, and lounge music!

Since you are a hand-drawer, what is your opinion about computer-generated sketches? Would you like to explore that direction too?

I'm not against computer-generated sketches, some of these are very
beautiful and interesting.

I am also using a graphics tablet and some computer programs. I don't see anything wrong about it, but I prefer drawings by hand. Perhaps that is why I like so many retro illustrators: Antonio Lopez and Robert McGinnis, for example.

How is the current situation in Russia for artists and freelancers?

Hard to say. In Russia, as in the West, there are many artists and freelancers, lots of talented people. I think, everywhere it's difficult. Difficult to find yourself, doing things you love, being successful, and financially independent.

What are your future plans?

I am currently working on a project, which – if everything works out as expected – will be my greatest success, but I am afraid to talk about it yet, as we say in Russian "чтоб не сглазить", иными словами что бы не "спугнуть/испугать удачу" (to touch wood or in other words to not "scare/frighten luck").

I try to not build big plans, just try to think positive and always looking for new opportunities, more creativity of course and to finish university (I am on the 4th course).

Thanks Lena for the chat and for sharing your artwork with us.

Thanks Viki, for your attention to my work. Really, big thanks!

Your work deserves it, good luck and all the best for your project!

Here is some of Lena's recent artwork:

Prada inspired lace dress

Artwork by Lena Ker: Lace Dress

Artwork by Lena Ker

Artwork by Lena Ker

Artwork by Lena Ker

Artwork by Lena Ker

Audrey Hepburn

Artwork by Lena Ker: Audrey Hepburn

Miss Viki by Lena Ker :) *Thanks xx*

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