World Press Photo 09

World Press Photo 09

2009-11-23 15:36 | Comments: 0

Photo credit: Giulio Di Sturco, Italy, Agenzia Grazia Neri
Arts and Entertainment 1st prize singles

Arts and Entertainment 1st prize singles: Giulio Di Sturco, Italy, Agenzia Grazia Neri.

Hi, World Press Photo is an annual award for the best press photos devided in various categories and an overall winner.

Most of the photos are quite shocking since they show the world's darkest moments of past year depicting war, violence, poverty and other disasters. Every photo has also a short description about its true story:

A model hurries backstage during the show of New Delhi design house Gauri & Nainika, at the India Fashion Week, in Delhi, in October.

The photos are exhibited in Vienna in the Westlicht gallery very close to where I live :-)

I was there two years ago and plan to visit the exhibition on this Friday (2009-11-27) at 4 p.m. with the Austrian Photography group. You are welcome to join us.

You can see the photos daily till 29th November 2009.

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