10 Festival: The Shift from Still to Moving Image

10 Festival: The Shift from Still to Moving Image

2010-06-12 01:33 | Comments: 0

Video credit: Viki Secrets

Hi, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving image must be worth a million. The Web has evolved from text to image and is now more and more embracing film.

But I think this does not mean that the former media is replaced or abandoned, it is rather enriched, although the mutual relevance can change over time.

Following the general trend toward video, I have also made a video summary of the Go International Talk, which was hosted in the Viennese palais Schönburg, about this subject.

The talk was moderated by Imran Amed from Business of Fashion. The first guest was Alexander Fury from SHOWstudio, who has raised the interesting point about "narrative versus mood" pictures (see examples below) and the possible intersection between fashion and perfume advertising.

Pictures and videos are also technologically quite related. Today every still picture camera has a video function, and vice versa. You can even extract single frames from an ultra high resolution (and ultra high bandwidth) video footage, and use it as your still pictures, which was also mentioned in the discussion by Alistair Allan from Dazed Digital.

Fashion video examples

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